Looking antique house designs in Sri Lanka? check the following house construction designs inspired by antique house designs in Sri Lanka and find out the best matching one.

Antique House Designs in Sri Lanka

Antique House Design 1

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

A beautiful and simple living hall concept that are influenced by antique home concepts. Everything in the room is very fascinating and creating simplicity to the spectators.

The ceiling is very delights and it combines well with the furniture placed and the door works. The most unique fact about this beautiful design is the placement of the twin doors.

The colors added are very neutral and simple. The room is free from gaudy decorations instead of the placement of natural plants and peacock feathers at the corner area of the room.

Antique House Design 2

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

The house you see in the picture is extremely gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if you look for a house design ideas or renovation idea this is a fine concept that you can apply your home too.

The most appealing element of this design is the stone stair series that adore the premise. It increases the value of the house while it gives an extra specialty in highlighting the area.

The house is old fashioned bricked roof and white washed one. Instead of windows most areas have highlighted with wooden door works. So as it absorbs maximum natural ventilation and light to the house.

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Antique House Design 3

old house designs in sri lanka

The antique home design in Sri Lanka that you see in the picture look so fresh and spontaneous with the use of soft white tones.

It doesn’t require bigger spaces for you to insert this lovely design where you can add few compartments to your house. The veranda area is a complete embellishment to house and is the finest place to spend some relaxing time.

The door and the window work are completed with fresh timber work. The window frames and the 3D carving that added to the house are very fascinating and artistic.

The floor design also merge with nature and wall area too. The appeal of the house itself gives you a complete relaxing and liberty.

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Antique House Design 4

traditional old house designs in sri lanka

The picture reveals one of the finest examples of the front designing of traditional home designs that you can apply to your home as well.

The colors that are applied to this home design are directly influenced by the antique home concepts and it also reflects natural colors as well where you will feel that you are connected to nature.

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Antique House Design 5

traditional house designs in sri lanka

A fascinating addition that you can try out to add to your dream home. The enthralling veranda design that you see in the picture is completely inspired by Sri Lankan antique home ideas that you don’t much get to see in modern home concepts.

This stylish veranda not just add fashion but the inspiration, vanity, vague and freedom to your home as well. It is such a vintage and a showcase of the signature and high tastes.

The extension of doors instead of windows improves the setting more with freedom rather than the regular congested wall that we get to see everyday.

Antique House Design 6

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

How do you like the stirring garden area in the picture you see here? The housing theme depicts in the picture not just give you satisfaction in residing in a modern house but also give the relaxation that you always looked for in a house.

The design that we listed here for your reference resembles a complete retreat. The right designer knows how to insert the value for each and every corner and that’s how you get to see this massive garden area that produces immense comfort and serenity.

The combination of brick roof design, white washed walls, wooden door and window finishing will add beauty and quietness to the picture.

Antique House Design 7

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

A beautiful inspiration to adore your bedroom with the use of antique house design concept in Sri Lanka. The design is extremely pleasing, enchanting, and relaxing that is ideal for a bed rooms it produces very much comforting set up.

The design is influence by Sri Lankan antique home concept, yet you can still see the elements added that related to modern housing interiors too.

The floor area where the bed is placed, wall, door wears and some furniture that are choose for the room are designed using modern interiors while the bed and the part of the room floor is based on antique designs.

Antique House Design 8

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

Houses are the ultimate signature and the resemblance of the style and sanity. Here is one of the finest examples that proving the capability of house design in personifies the taste of someone to riveting house.

It is just a simple swimming pool that has added to the design, yet the value reflects is seamless. This is kind of a unique concept in antique designing.

Most think the combination of pool and a house design is a little bit a distinctive feature for a design. Pool adds modernity and the serenity while the presence of antique exteriors replicate the life and the perception.

Check it out on this beautiful design and experience the impact that it makes in your favorite design.

Antique House Design 9

Antique House Design in Sri Lanka

The picture you see here is a corner reflection of a mesmeric traditional old house design. Going beyond from planning house designs Crystal Constructions also creates the best matching designs for every space and corner to make it more customizing to match with the house design.

The shades that are used for the house design is merging with nature well and have completed with nude tones while the wall that marking the boundaries has highlighted by using more light bright yet soft tone highlights.

This gives more freshness to the design and also a complete finishing and neatness to the scene.

If you can try out this design the corner areas of your house that you always worry would not be neglected and will get an appropriate value for the design.

Crystal Constructions is a celebrated construction company in Sri Lanka in who always introduces new concepts to construction context in Sri Lanka and that’s how we presents our beloved clients a novel exposure with Antique house designs to interior and exterior house designing.

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