Best 9 Cabana Designs in Sri Lanka 2022

BY Editorial Staff


Looking for creative cabana designs in Sri Lanka to make your cabana more an inspiring one? Check the following designs and see which one is the most appealing for you.

Cabana Designs in Sri Lanka

Cabana Design 1

Cabana Design

One of the inspiring designs that merge with nature in your favorite style. It keeps you connected with nature all the time. The tones that are used to beautify the design are inspired from natural and earth colors. The designer has successfully filtered the shades of grey and ashes and has applied it by elaborating each and every tone.

The cabana design in Sri Lanka you see here is consisting with a small patio. The extended glass windows bring a lot of natural light to the room and also it allows you to get yourself comfortable with more ventilation.

The cabana has constructed on a little podium so it gives an overlooking view to the yards. If you are looking for simple yet elegant design this is one of the seamless design that matches your requirements.

Cabana Design 2

Cabana Design

The second cabana design in Sri Lanka is all about how you can add an extra value to your cabana. The design you see here is very much delighting. It has a good exposure to nature that will keep your thoughts refresh and live by connecting with nature.

Everything in the cabana has muted by using grey and ash tones. The wooden door will be one of the most revered part of this design as it unites with nature very well.

The windows of the cabana are well spread with a series of extended windows that absorb a lot of natural light and ventilation to the room.

The designer has added a small balcony to match with cabana so it gives the chances to have some relaxing time by enjoy the dawn and dusks here.

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Cabana Design 3

Cabana Design

Here we are taking you to another inspiring cabana design that gives a wide exposure with a delighting front yard. One of the valid reason why most are fall in love with cabana is it keeps you connected with nature and most designs are inspired by ecofriendly themes.

The front part of the cabana construction is full covered with a glass finishing, whereas you will not notice any brick or concreate partitions. This helps to enjoy 180 view and get the best glimpse that produces by nature mostly in every morning and evening.

The construction is a reflection of square shape building, so as the overall view of the design is based on simple and elegant cabana constructing styles.

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Cabana Design 4

Cabana Design

A mesmerizing cabana design that as so much of value additions. First the swimming pool that has been added to the front yard of the cabana keeps the premise cool and peaceful all the time.

This is surely an inspiring upgrade to a little property. You can come out and enjoy the best days in summer and spring and have come outdoor celebrations and gathering right next to the pool.

The cabana is a two story apartment. The ground floor keeps open so as that gives extra space to your property and getting rid the cabana from the tedious partitions. The design you see in this picture has a lot influence from the modern constructions.

Especially the colors that are added are extremely pleasing and it is a fine blend of earth colors with a bronze touch that brings also inserting a signature to the cabana and also the uniqueness that you always wanted to add to the premise.

Cabana Design 5

Cabana Design

The next picture is about a beautiful living area that you can add to your cabana construction. It looks very delighting and pleasing. The uniqueness that you expect from a cabana design is right there in this picture.

The floor look very stylish and it has a lot of influences that are derived from Bohemian artistic styles.  The overall feeling produces here is very simple and pensive, yet you can see it is free from blank spaces.

Apart from the few stylish furniture that are added to the scene. And the setup is full of illuminating objects that bring a little bit of festive touch to the room.

The floor work of the ground is very distinctive that are muted with a colored concrete work. The floor is completely open that is free from walls and partitions.

Cabana Design 6

Cabana Design

One of the amiable style that you can apply to your cabana construction. You can get from idea of this beautiful picture and to adorn your little passage.

The constructions are completed with steel and glass works. The extensive window series bring modernity and beauty to the premise.

You will also see some of the furniture completed with cane work and the live plants added give a fine combination to the design and the mutual connection it has with each other. The balcony is very much pleasing that produces so much of peace and serenity to the design.

The colors that are used also have been inspired with earth colors and natural soft tone. So as it gives prestige and value that you always expected in your cabana.

Cabana Design 7

Cabana Design

Next we are taking you to a small but striking cabana design in Sri Lanka. This sort of designs are some exceptional structures that you don’t much get to see in the construction context of Sri Lanka.  It reflects a luxury tent.

Everything in this cabana style is very distinctive. Especially the roofing and the door work look very exceptional. The front yard of the house is an extended one and so as the cabana is directly connecting you to nature.

Cabana Design 8

Cabana Design

The same cabana design you notice here how it appears at night time. You can admire the way that how the lighting system dominates the scene by highlighting the shapes and the tones of the cabana.

The front part of the cabana has added a doorway that directly connect you to outside. One of the perfect place to stay out for a while and enjoy the views produce by nature.

Cabana Design 9

Cabana Design

The last picture of our collection a simple and stylish design that are mostly highlighted with the shades of darker tone. So as the design is completely free from gaudy colors and ornaments.

The structure of the building gives complete freedom for the residents to connect with nature all the time and it is also one of the best design that is overlooking the yard area.

The designs that you see here are some of the samples that are taken from the inspiring cabana design portfolio of Crystal Construction who are the best construction company in Sri Lanka.

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