Looking for luxury house designs in Sri Lanka? You are at the right place.

What luxury is meant to you? It could be a reflection of your perception, style, signature, taste or any. Let us give you some classical definitions to “luxury” that you can insert your dream home and celebrate your style.

Luxury House Designs in Sri Lanka

Luxury House Design 1

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

A unique house concept that is ready to celebrate your luxury in Bohemeian style. The design is very much simple where everything in the room has muted with a mix of nude, grey and brown tones.

If you are having a challenge with maximizing a narrow space for its best use this is one of the ideal design that match your style and the expectations.

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Luxury House Design 2

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

A house that defines prestige, luxury and serenity. The charming house that we presented in the picture will positively upgrade your lifestyle and high end expectations.

The house is a two story construction that is completed with fresh white tones. The designer has been added few highlights with grey and ash tones so then the pool added get more attention from the beholders so as for the house.

The view and the background of the house is not blocked like many other house designs, and thus it gives a decisive freedom and solace to the residents and so as for the visitors.

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Luxury House Design 3

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

A picture of a luxury and stylish dine room concept that you can insert your dream home in Sri Lanka. The room is completely free from gaudy ornaments.

The chemistry between the ash and grey domes are very much lovely and your visors may admire the way that everything in the space merge well with each other.

This beautiful dine room generates not just the sophistication but also the comfort as well.. everything in the room is well organized in order to produce the peace that you always looked for.

The extended glass window produces the ultimate liberty and that will be a novel experience to congested dine room concepts in Sri Lanka.

Luxury House Design 4

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

A living room with a little bit of extravagance. Everywhere you look around offer a complete different experience to the regular house designs that you get to see in Sri Lanka. The design is a mix of few themes and tones that gives explicit value to every space.

The floor of the house is extremely adorable and the wall is full of elegant artworks. The furniture placed are carefully selected to match with the interior works.

Luxury House Design 5

Luxury House Designs in Sri Lanka

A lovely front yard that exactly suits your luxury dreams. The white produces freshness, liberty and peace that you always looked to inset your house. The two story house is connecting to nature all the time as it is not blocked by the view or space.

The pool that has added is surely a value addition to your luxury lifestyle. It gives prestige and also the serenity to a charming dwelling.

Luxury House Design 6

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

A complete different housing experience to regular house constructions that you get to see in Sri Lanka. Influenced by the western interior and exterior enigmas the front appeal of the house that we presented for you here will be very much appealing to your dream home too.

The house is based on complicated story formation that will confuse the outsiders. Considerable part of the house is adorned by using larger glass windows and the grey and ash tones produce by the concrete texture are very much pleasing.

The seen through iron fences and greenly additions enhance the atmosphere of the design where you can celebrate your sophisticated housing dreams.

Luxury House Design 7

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

How do you like the comfy bedroom that we have presented here? The large king size bed domains the room and it blends very well with fresh wooden, steel and cozy furniture selection.

The room has decorated with little ornaments  include fancy table lamps, fancy carpet, comfortable furniture and many more, yet the design is not so blocked gaudy decorations that gives you a total relaxing feeling.

Overall impression creates by this beautiful bedroom surely add you luxury and prestige to your dream home.

Luxury House Design 8

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

An outstanding luxury kitchen design. The freshly polished wooden floor is just lovely as anything else.  Every space and corner in the room has celebrated with its own way by giving a specific value.

The combination of wooden, steel enhances the appeal in the room. The natural plantations placed in the room generates a classical sensation to luxury set up.

Luxury House Design 9

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

How would you like to add some value to your dine area or the kitchen unit? The picture you see here is one of the finest examples proving that by just combing few modes you can make a artistic revolution in your little kitchen.

It’s simple yet elegant. The combination of whites and light brown expanding the space giving so much liberty and solace to its visitors. With the use of whites and light brown the design is preserving the freshness to the room whereas not required to make renovations time to time.

The space is free from fancy ornaments, yet some arty chandelier piece and pendent lights adore the premise.

Luxury House Design 10

Luxury House Design in Sri Lanka

One of the unique designs that taken to adore your dream home from our luxury living room concepts. Most prefer whites. It reveals dignity, liberty, extravagance and so as we inserted it to a living room to try out how can we convert white space to a luxury planetary.

The design is a mix collection of ash, grey and white tones, yet it is surprising the way that whites dominates the premise. You may think the solid whites may bring monotonous to a living room.

Here you can see the way in which the designer has been creatively invented the living room by mixing up whites with nude and soft shades. That gives inspiring highlights to every space and corner.

To amaze your visitors and give them a memorable welcome all you need to do is make a revolution to you living room by adding it a simple upgrading with regal whites.

These are few sample designs taken from the Crystal Construction exclusive luxury house design portfolio.  We hope the listed are surely giving you some creative insight to convert your dream home also to an inspiring luxury house in Sri Lanka.

To find more about how to make your dream home more in inventive one, contact us right away to check on the latest designs available.

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