Looking for modern house designs in Sri Lanka? You are at the right guide.

How do you like to plan your home with mesmerizing modern house concepts?  Check the samples listed below that are taken from the best construction company in Sri Lanka Crystal Constructions fascinating modern house design portfolio.

Modern House Designs in Sri Lanka

Modern House Design 1

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

Our very first design presented here for you is an ultimate reflection of the modern house design collection that we have. Influenced by the western house design this beautiful housing concept ready to offer you a comfortable experience that you can enjoy with a smaller space.

The house is a complete construction of whites and brownish tones that comes from freshly brushed wooden works that covers the ceiling. The extensive glass slide doors that are functioning as windows produce a widespread liberty and peace that are mostly highlighted from the design.

The swimming pool is the most eye catching element of the design, it keeps cool the atmosphere and so as the feeling.

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Modern House Design 2

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

A modern two story house design in Sri Lanka that connects your life style and sprit to nature.  The setting of the house is absolutely lovely and it gives a perfect highlight to white washed housing construction.

The primary requirement that everybody looked for from a modern house design is an undisturbed atmosphere to get rid from rustling and bustling city life. For those who look for peace and freedom as number one this is one of the perfect design that match your housing prospects.

One of the specialty about Crystal Construction is that we derive the best from the landscape and geographical formation to convert them to fascinating housing designs and this is one of the perfect examples proving how we can customize a landscape and related features to an appealing modern house design.

The light lights that are completed at the pool are by using bare cement textures also something very much pleasing that merge with the background nature of the house.

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Modern House Design 3

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

One of the finest modern housing constructions that reveals your taste and prestige at once. Similar to the previous house design the modern housing idea that we elaborate here is also a perfect design that keeps you connect with nature.

It has your favorite white and the pool area has also completed by inserting regal whites that gives comprehensive attention to the house from its beholders. The ground area of the house is a little bit open to the nature whereas some of the wall partitions are brought up by interleaving themes and natural tones.

The design is surely a unique impression to regular designs in Sri Lankan house construction contexts.

Modern House Design 4

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

Most modern house constructions are based on square type house designs. Square or box type house construction consider as a practical solution to tiny spaces in city life that maximize the spaces for multipurpose usage.

The construction has completed with white tones that gives freshness and neatness that you always looked for your house. The extensive glass windows absorb considerable amount of natural light and ventilation that keep the house calm and cool.

The horizontal strip patterns that fill the gate and some parts of the house is very much pleasing that saves the design from monotonous white surfaces.

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Modern House Design 5

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

Another splendid design based on square type or box type modern house constructions.  There are few unique facts about this house. First the irregular shapes of the square formations producing an eye catching appealing to the house.

The next fascinating point is you may not notice any fences or the concrete structures that are marking the boundaries of the house. Hence it gives spontaneous of freedom and relaxation to congested lifestyles.

The designer has been applied different themes and tones to house so that ever part of the house get equal attention from the beholders.

The rooftop area that has added to the house is also very much significant with its sophisticated patterns those completing the design.

Modern House Design 6

Modern House Designs in Sri Lanka

Our next example is also one of the unique modern housing designs that is ready to celebrate your style and vanity.

The front yard of the house is very much pleasing that is filled with comfort grass layers. The path of the house is completed with a cement design so that it keeps your dwelling prepared very much inviting for the visitors.

Most modern houses’ entrance and the views are not so blocked. The design you see here also not blocked by gates and obstructed fences whereas the outsiders get a compete view of the house, yet the privacy of the house is ensured with a complete coverage that gives to the residents from the construction.

Modern House Design 7

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

A modern house design in Sri Lanka with a simple construction. Most house owners struggling with spaces. Therefore, for those who prefer to save some space for a garden area this is one of the perfect designs that can apply your home as well.

The house is consisting with two story innovation. The ground floor of the house is considerably open with glass partitions and slide doors. The house has completed with whites and the floor area has been highlighted with red surfaces.

The overall impression produces by the design matching very well with the garden area, and for those who looked for simple yet modern house design this should be one of the perfect designs that suit your very well.

Modern House Design 8

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

The picture is projecting a distinctive house design for our modern house designs portfolio. The combination of soft tones against the grey and ash textures together generate an exceptional satisfaction to everyone those who prefer simple and moderate house designs.

Similar to the previous design that we just looked for the boundaries of the house are just marked by using a lovely fence that are completed with concreate strips. Formation wise also the design that is presented here attracts the visitors and so as the visitors to the house.

Modern House Design 9

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka

What is the favorite part of the house design that we have offered here? The design is completely an incomparable design to many other modern house designs that we get to see here in Sri Lanka.

From the pathway that lead you to the house, everything in this house is a quite a splendid to anyone who visit here. The pathway has decorated with an artistic passage that is filled with a yard full of fascinating cactuses.

The white washed textures offer freshness, freedom, peace, prestige and vanity to this vintage modern house design.

Modern House Design 10

Modern House Design in Sri Lanka
The picture you see here is another sample design that keeps your thoughts and feelings warm. The overall impression produce by this house design is very much pensive and the tones and shades that are used to highlight the house are so supportive in generating tranquility that you always looked for.

These are few sample designs that are taken from the Crystal Construction modern house design collection in Sri Lanka.

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