Planning for old house renovation in Sri Lanka? Crystal Construction now undertake the renovation projects of upgrading old houses for the next level in Sri Lanka. Check out the how we can contribute your renovating requirements.



Crystal Construction is a place where you can get done everything you required for constructions and renovation projects under one roof. Demolition is another facility that you can get from Crystal Construction.

There are several areas a professional constructors are going through before they are proceeding for any kind of demolition that making sure to complete it in a short period of time, safely while following the required processes.

If you are looking for the possibilities to renovate an old house in Sri Lanka first things that you must look into is demolition that you can get done the sooner for an affordable rate and Crystal Construction will take a good care of demolition while renovating your old house in Sri Lanka to give it a remarkable upgrade.

During the process we will be very much attentive to complete the task by minimizing the risks and waste that would be eco-friendly and get the maximum for recycling so that the wasting materials would be not wasted but will be useful in the industry.

Electrical renovation


Old house renovation in Sri Lanka not always sound that it required to modernize your dwelling. You can do a quick and simple upgrade to your electrical system as well.

Quality, safety and durability that is what Crystal Construction will deliver you on time along with renovating the electrical system at your home.

It is important to get the service of a professionally qualified electrician get completed an electrical renovation at a home.

Crystal Construction is a professionally qualified firm who can get done the projects related electrical renovation for a reasonable cost but without compromising the expected quality and durability.

Crystal Construction always used the best quality materials and equipment, so as the outcome you get has modernized with the latest technology that will surely satisfied your requirement with any retreating in hiring us.

Plumbing renovation


Plumbing of a house may often get to renovate or repair due to lot of failures of unprofessional in inexperienced constructors. Plumbing installation is an area where most house owners get stressed of when there are leakages, poor functioning etc.

Crystal Construction is ready to give an instant upgrade to the plumbing systems at old houses by ensuring that no more hassles for the house owners.

We take on a short period of time to get everything fixed in your system. Using best quality materials, latest technology and the knowledge of our industrial experts will never let us fail the valuable trust that you had on us.

Get renovate your old plumbing system and experience safe, efficient, high quality and durable solutions for plumbing installations and upgrades.

Insulation renovation

How to increase your property values? Property values are tied up to several considerations whereas type of building, dimension, energy sources are main areas that have to take into serious attention.

Insulations can give the required value to your dwelling by upgrading its living space to extra comfort levels while certifying better protection for the building. Most modern insulations based on sustainable solutions and the reliable technological options.

Crystal Construction can offer you better upgrade in insulation renovations. We will get a proper study of your property and will make sure to deliver more customized results.

Windows & Doors renovation

Windows and doors reflect the character of a dwelling. With growing trends and latest updates everyone would like to make a quick upgrade to their old houses by renovating the windows and doors.

Crystal Construction can ensure that your property getting a timeless upgrade with modification that we can get done your house.

The experts at Crystal Construction will make sure to deliver for more than your expectations whereas you can get their service make a unique difference to your house just by remodeling the windows and door series.

If you can browse our design portfolio they will surely inspire you with more fascinating designs, and if you are looking for customized solutions we are ready to serve you the best with mesmerizing design solutions.


Colors reflect your taste, sanity, and perception n a lot of ways. Houses are one of those who present your signature in artistic way. Let’s get an upgrading for your old house by color it with prestige, art and sensation.

Crystal Construction is happy to contribute your dainty expectations with best shapes and shades. The designs that we get you will produce a unique and timeless beauty to your dwelling where you will not require to refurbish the colors that we pick you as it will offer an eternal freshness to your house.

Check with Crystal Construction to check the best shades that will color your dreams.

Flooring renovation

Floor designs come with a lot of patterns, forms, shapes and colors and it is just a process of choosing the best and the right for your old house to get it a noteworthy upgrade.

Floor renovation is a serious investment that unquestionably involve a lot of money, time and efforts. That’s why it should be handle with good hands.

A professional construction company always have the best and tailor made solutions for you, and Crystal Construction can get done that part for you by contributing your expectations in a lot of ways.

We won’t take much time for the whole project of taking off your old floor and installing the latest to inspire you with best innovation ideas.

Siding and Gutters renovation

Siding and gutters renewing are another renovating solution that you can get done from Crystal Construction. We can offer you dynamic options in order to modify your siding and gutters in best ways.

Crystal Construction always make sure that we deliver the highest quality that will ensure that the renovation will endure for long last whereas you will not require to worry of next renovation the sooner you complete the renovation.

Low Budget

Crystal Constructions is where you get the best for surprisingly affordable price. Most are worrying about old house renovation projects assuming that they have to invest a lot in order to get everything done in highest quality.

We are happy to say that you always get the best from Crystal Construction for an affordable price yet at the same time we can promise you the quality and the standards will not be compromised in the products and the services we deliver for you.

Now you know whom to approach for old house renovation in Sri Lanka, So contact Crystal Construction +94775126633 or email [email protected] for old house renovation in Sri Lanka.